Saturday, February 21, 2009

Confessions of a Music Junkie

I originally planned to buy only vinyl that I couldn't find anywhere else. However, when The Great Escape have a 25% off vinyl sale and lots of stock, I found myself picking up a bunch of stuff - and the best part was I traded a bunch of cheap crap I had left in a box, so I wasn't out of pocket at all. Here's my latest purchases:

The Roaring Boys - Self Titled (1986)
Last Gentlemen - Self Titled (1985)
The Adventures - Self Titled (1985)
The Colour Field - The Colour Field (12" Single, 1984)
Actuel - Monuments (1984)
The Blow Monkeys - Forbidden Fruit (EP, 1985)
New Musik - Sanctuary (1982)
Hubert Kah - Angel 07 (12" Single, 1985)
The Kane Gang - Don't Look Any Further (12" Single, 1987)
Hurrah! - This Boy (EP, 1985)
Les Enfants - Touche (1984)
Time Bandits - Can't Wait For Another World (1988)
David & David - Boomtown (1986)
Max Eider - Best Kisser In The World (1988)

Total cost for all the records was about $25.00. Tomorrow I'm visiting the Great Escape store in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Obviously, I'd better hurry up and buy my new turntable!


McDoC said...

The Roaring Boys!!! Wow!!! Truly great buys there fifty. Good luck on your vinyl-hunt adventure. :)

Anonymous said...

Darren said...

wasn't Kirsty Maccoll's brother in the Roaring Boys?

fiftypercent said...

Actually, Kirsty's brother Neill was in The Bible with Boo Hewerdine.