Thursday, February 26, 2009

I Am The Hallelujah Man

My visit last weekend to The Great Escape In Bowling Green last weekend was a success. Although I initially did not find much in the regular vinyl racks, once I started scouting the 99 cent racks (piled in wooden troughs at floor level) I found bargain after bargain. Several were priced at 49 cents, and I also got an extra 25% discount, meaning that albums by The Parachute Club, The Ward Brothers, Actuel and a couple of others were 37.5 cents each.
In addition I found the extended remix of Ian McCulloch's "September Song", a promotional only set of Shakespears Sister remixes, the original 12" of Dead or Alive's "You Spin Me Round", and I also fell in love with the artwork from After The Fire's ATF album. Other recent purchases shown above are Novo Combo' self titled album, Passion Puppets' album Beyond The Pale, Ears Have Walls by Blanket of Secrecy, Arias & Symphonies by Spoons and She Went Pop, the mysterious album from Iam Siam.

I thought the tale of Love And Money's 12" Single "Hallelujah Man" was a tale worth telling. I bought it because it had two B-Sides I wanted, even though the condition of the sleeve was quite poor. Observe, if you will, the price sticker. It says something about the lack of respect vinyl has got in the last several years when the record was priced at under a buck nearly seven years ago. It occurred to me it has languished in that box for the whole of my six year old daughter's life. Most of the albums I have bought have been in inventory at least three to four years.

Now, at least for a little while, they will all be loved again.

Love And Money - Hallelujah Man


Simon said...

Love this song. Love And Money should have been much bigger

KulPop said...

Love the Passion Puppets album, I bought the reissue on cd a while back, great stuff.


Saputra said...

I bought the CD on a bargain bin as well. Great song and great album.

I remembered it was heavily aired on Vh-1 but failed to gain any followers in the states.

BTW, fifty, can you share 'The Ward Brothers' stuffs. If my memories served me well, they churned out several great songs like I trusted You, Across The Bridge.


Barely Awake In Frog Pajamas said...

My girlfriend and I made a trek to the Bowling Green Great Escape last summer and had the same experience. I must have bought 30 LPs from those wooden bargain crates which I had ignored 'til we were just about ready to leave.

D said...

Strange Kind of Love is one of the best produced albums of the 80's/90's in my opinion. James Grant can and probably still writes some killer hooks. joceelyn Square is my fave, and I have visited the actual place in Glasgow many a time, nowt like the song though.