Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Continuing Saga of This Other Eden

Long time readers may or may not remember that I did a post on the pop band This Other Eden last year. At the time I commented on their first single "Man's World". One of the particular motivations I had for buying a turntable was the prospect of finally being able to hear the second and third single releases by the band. In all, I believe 10 tracks have been commercially available.

This time I am featuring the third single "Teach Me To Cry". While that song is perfectly fine, I must say I enjoyed the flip side "Heaven" even more (which is why I included it on my Super Rare compilation earlier today).

The songs are written by Chris Thow and Mike Perry, with Phil Brown co-producing, engineering and mixing the tracks.

Probably the reason why I have become a little obsessed with the mystique of this band is the tantalizing prospect of the full album, Freewill, which was assigned a catalog number (AMA 9010) but which was never released. I got in touch via e-mail with Rob Levy, who played bass on the album sessions. According to the record sleeves the three singles "Man's World", "Face of An Angel" and "Teach Me To Cry" would have been on the album, and a track called "The Word" would have been a bonus track on the CD album only. Given the quality of B-Sides such as "Heaven" and "Angels Tell Lies" (which would not have been on the album), I can only imagine what musical masterpieces were left unreleased and unknown.

I'll post the other single "Face of An Angel" and its B-Sides soon.

This Other Eden - Teach Me To Cry (1989)
  1. Teach Me To Cry
  2. Heaven


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Hey 50%!

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please do post face of an angel, that was the one i remembered, thanks for the other two though!

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How can we download these songs? Thank you!

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Hey there! Great Blog! By the way, could you please re-up This Other Eden's songs? Thank you!