Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Last Gentlemen - Last Gentlemen (1985)

Remembering rare, obscure and just plain interesting vinyl releases from back when a CD meant you had money in the bank...

Last Gentlemen formed in Champaign Illinois in January 1984. The four piece band consisted of Brian Leach (vocals / guitar / keyboards), Michael Roux (keyboards), Jim Hewitt (keyboards / guitar) & Greg Manuel (keyboards). By the end of 1985 their first two independent albums outsold every commercial release at Champaign's largest record chain.

In the fall of 1985 drummer Tommy Garza and bassist Tom Broeske joined the band as full time members. By the end of 80's the band issued several additional releases on their Landmark Brothers label.

By the early 90's Last Gentlemen signed a major label deal with Zoo Entertainment and released one album before breaking up in 1993.

Last Gentlemen - Last Gentlemen (1985)
  1. The Law of Love
  2. Forget The Rain
  3. Stay
  4. One Possession
  5. Second Hand Affection
  6. Paint A Pretty Picture
  7. Hope As My Anchor
  8. The Difference A Day Makes
  9. Haunting The House
  10. Haunting The House (Reprise)
  11. Grey Rain
Vinyl Rip at 320k

Greg Manuel (keyboards)
Brian Leach (vocals, keyboards, guitars, bass, drum programs)
Michael Roux (synths)
Jim Hewitt (guitar)


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