Friday, April 24, 2009

Even More from This Other Eden

Regular readers will know I'm a big fan of the obscure British pop group This Other Eden, and last time I pondered what their unreleased album Freewill might have been like.

I've since been in contact with Chris Thow, who was in the band with Mike Perry, and he was kind enough to send me a couple of tracks and some more information.

The Freewill sessions were recorded near Taunton at a studio owned by Annabel Lamb. The following tracks would have been on the album:

Man's World / Black / Mama's In Love / Face of an Angel / Freewill / Ordinary Man / Wake Me Now / All Fools Day / Take A Leaf From My Book / Teach Me To Cry

In addition another track "The Word" would have been a bonus track on the compact disc version.

This leaves a further six tracks which were used as B-Sides. These are:

Heaven / Question of Love / Heart to Heart / Sweet Wine / Angels Tell Lies / Mama's In Love (Live Acoustic Version)

I've featured the singles Man's World and Teach Me To Cry previously. Here's the 12" Single of Face of an Angel, which I think was the second single released.

This Other Eden - Face of an Angel (1989)

Face of an Angel
Heart to Heart
The Word

[UPDATE] Well, it took a few years, but I finally got a copy of the album from Niall Power, who played drums for the group. The track list was slightly different, as follows:

Man's World / Face Of An Angel / Black / All Fools Day / Ordinary Man / Wake Me Now / Freewill / Take A Leaf (From My Book / Mama's In Love / The Good Old Boys

Chris and Mike have been performing gigs since 2014 under the name The Blue Amen and you can find clips and info via their Facebook page and Soundcloud. Great stuff!!

Niall has also sent me a bunch of photos from some of his gigs. Great bloke.


Anonymous said...

Was there just one of the singles ("Man's World") released on CD format? Nice band indeed....

Anonymous said...

Oh my god, I loved this song! Thank you for posting it!

It was played on Power FM all through 1990, but you couldn't find it anywhere, recorded it off the radio and still have it....luckily the DJ back-announced the song so I always knew who did it! Now I have it in quailty!

PS - Power FM covered Hampshire, West Sussex and the Isle of Wight and was listened to by over 40% of the area in 1990 - so many people in their late 30s and early 40s will remember this one from back then!



Anonymous said...

In the eighties I worked with Mike Perry's Mum and we would go and see the band when they were unsigned playing small pub venues in London. I also have a promo CD of their second single, it's a shame they weren't commercially successful.