Saturday, April 25, 2009

Fun (Records) In Germany

Here's a little plug for mail-order specialists Fun Records based in Germany. If you have ever tried using Musicstack (and if you collect music, them you probably have) then Fun Records appears quite often, usually with comparatively low prices, even accounting for the Dollar/Euro differential.

As collectors of LP's will tell you, finding the albums is less than half the battle. The real challenge is having them shipped many thousands of miles safely without costing a fortune.

Here are five records I recently ordered from Fun.

What you can see here is the 7" and 12" of "Glasshouse" by The Promise, one of my favorite obscure '80's singles, and then The Great Unknown by Nomo, Good Evening Yugoslavia by Hitlist and Stronger Than Reason by Person to Person. I have featured rips from all these outfits before, but these were records I just had to own myself.

Anyway, to get back to my point, I paid about 14 dollars for all of these, and then a further 10 dollars for surface mail. Considering it typically costs over ten bucks to ship one album here just from Canada, I thought that was a good deal, and the surface option probably took a few days longer, but that's all. And as you can see everything was in excellent condition. Well done Fun Records, I will be ordering again soon.


Jenny said...

Funny story...I did the same thing a few years back and was moving recently so I wanted to unload about 100 rare records at my local record shop...he took everything I had (LPs, 12", CDs and cassettes) for $100 (worked out to be about .25 cents/ of them was that exact "Person to Person" record in your picture...crazy, I think I paid about $20+shipping from Germany for it and took a quarter...but I just wanted to unload the stuff and not have to deal with the hassel of hindsite I would have simply given it all to you as a thank you for all of the songs you kindly shared with me!!!! :-)

fiftypercent said...

Hey Jenny, firstly thanks for being one of my most loyal readers. Every time you post, I think I want to marry you. Now, I'm a bit confused, you obviously have similar music taste, you mentioned buying Secession in a CD long box and your profile pic makes you look about 21!!!