Monday, September 14, 2009

MFL Radio

For no particular reason, I thought I would share a few different tracks today.

The Silencers - The Art of Self Deception
(from Dance to the Holy Man, 1991)

The Rave-Ups - If It Was (A Matter of Mind)
(from Chance, 1990)

Eleanor McEvoy - A Glass Unkissed
(from What's Following Me, 1996)

Waves On Waves - Better Car
(from Waves On Waves, 2007)


friend of rachel worth said...

Love the Silencers track and teh lp it came from. they went off the boil after this

D said...

The Silencers had a few great tunes. Scottish Rain by the Silencers is a cracker. Saw them live I think maybe twice, once was at a anti poll tax gig in Edinburgh, Usher Hall, April 1st 1989. The line up included Deacon Blue, Hue & Cry, Wet Wet Wet, The River Detectives & Texas. I'm sure there were more, but I do not recall. I do recall talking with Pat Kane outside about beef bourguignon, God knows why, as I never had it at that point in my life. Happy Days :-)