Friday, September 4, 2009

Underworld - Change The Weather (1989)

Underworld - Change The Weather (from the album Change The Weather, 1989)

I often pick up CD's from odd places that I think might be rare or unusual, even if I don't necessarily plan on keeping the album in my collection. An example this week was when I bought the Underworld album Change The Weather for three bucks. Although not particularly valuable, it is fairly hard to find here in the US. I was familiar with Underworld in the 90's, of course, but I was surprised to discover just how melodic and accessible this earlier album is, from beginning to end. The title track is also the lead track, and sets the tone nicely.


D said...

Surely not the same Underworld that did Born Slippy of trainspotting fame?

Brent said...

Yes, it is ... the same guys! ..sort of , just moving away from the pop sound and more into the electronika/techno relm, I do miss the older Underworld ... they had some good stuff and if you like the electronika ,you will still dig em!

great post my friend!

Saputra said...

LOL, I had the same exact CD which I bought for $3 about 20 years ago.

This album sank like stone when it was released thus I managed to get it cheap not long after the released date.

I never like the techno direction that they pursue. To be honest I didn't give the CD much listening.

HÉCTOR said...

The best song of the album is OUTSKIRTS


Anonymous said...

"Outskirts" was actually a B-side, not on the album.