Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Ted Lindsay and the Democrats - Russian Women (1987)

I was pretty stoked to get my turntable out of storage in early September, and since then I've been buying up a good selection of cheap vinyl. I also got a new boondoggle for my laptop so my new rips will be in proper stereo.

I wanted to post this one first because I could not find anything out about this band over the web, and I love a good mystery. Ted Lindsay and the Democrats were from Nashville and recorded on the equally mysterious Ancient Mystic record label. It's a relatively short, but impressively dynamic album. Further information would be very welcome.

Ted Lindsay and the Democrats - Russian Women (1987)

1.  Russian Women
2.  Bohemian
3.  Hot Jungle
4.  Wild Night
5.  Walk On Fire
6.  Here Comes My Baby
7.  The Quiet Guy
8.  Frankie and the Beat
9.  Whatever Baby Wants


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Ted Lindsay - vocals, bass
Jim Ramsey - lead guitar
Chip Gabbert - vocals, keyboards
Paula Abbott - guitar, vocals
Herb Shucher - drums

Bought at The Great Escape, Nashville for 99 cents.


Dale Atchison said...

Paula was a friend of mine; she gave me a copy of this album once when I did an electronic repair for her. I especially like "Russian Women" and "Crushed".

Tom Grott said...

I saw them perform in Nashville at the Exit/Inn in 1987. They opened for Marshall Crenshaw. I still have this vinyl album. TG

ibfamous said...

Thank you for this post, Ted is one of my better friends and has never mentioned this album/band... there's some 'splainin' to do

Ian Abbott said...

My mother is Paula Abbott and my father John Abbott was the Producer/Engineer. I have always loved their music but thought they were a little ahead of their time. I am glad to see they still get some play time other than at my house!