Friday, October 11, 2013

MediaFire Died

Nice of MediaFire to suspend my account without even bothering to let me know about it. This means all of the rare singles I have posted in the last three or four years are not accessible at the moment. Regular visitors will know I try hard to avoid circulating things that have been issued on CD or download and are easy to purchase.

I have some webspace of my own now so I will start migrating files there. If there is a single you are looking for and the link is lost let me know and I will see what I can do.

[Update] I have started posting various singles to my Box account. Hopefully this should be a bit smoother going forward. Follow me on Twitter for details on new links as I add them.


Anonymous said...

Any cloud storage is harmful, it is necessary to have a copy on your hard drive

joel dantas said...

Hi your blog is great, a lot of great records i find here.

I look for the Apple Mosaic "honey if" single, can you do something, i'll be grateful.


MIke Brandon said...

Colenso Parade LP?

I tried the link just now but it wasn't viable. I got hooked after hearing their "Standing Up" 7''. so good.

no worries. if you can- awesome.

great blog you have.

cheers from Brooklyn.

Anonymous said...

Reposted Dubh Chapter,please.

Anonymous said...

Pleasure Ground ‎– Life Of Jade