Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sense - Jamie

7" Single, released in 1985

Sense - Jamie (A-Side)
Sense - No More Games To Play (B-Side)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Le One - In Communique

7" Single, released in 1983

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Burning Sensations

Here's another of those US "Mini-LPs" they seemed to like in the early eighties. Burning Sensations was a Los Angeles band fronted by Tim McGovern, formerly of the Motels.

This EP included 4 tracks, but only the single Belly Of The Whale was included on the subsequent album which was also self-titled.

The band broke up in 1987.

Burning Sensations Mini LP (1983)

1. Belly Of The Whale
2. Check Your Mail
3. Carnival Of Souls
4. Jokenge


Tim McGovern
Rob Hasick
Barry Wisdom
Morley Bartnof
Jeff Hollie
Michael Temple

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Record Collecting In the USA Part #32, or What We Did On Our Holidays, or Obviously This Post Is Turning Into A Paul Simon Title

I just returned to Angleterre after a couple of weeks at home in the US which if nothing else proved that I am seriously wacked when it comes to my music obsessions. It occurred to me while I was wondering through Gatwick Airport clutching a plastic bag with 9 LP records that collecting CDs, while obsessive enough, still didn't wear on the hands and fingers quite as much. 9 albums are heavy to carry and hard to protect while boarding and unboarding and all that other travel malarkey.

Even more interesting, none of these LPs have been listened to yet. So, they could all be rubbish, or at least a bit underwhelming. So as I got to thinking about just why I chose to haul them around with me when I could perfectly well have stored them and waited for another time to get to know them, I thought I would document what they were here, before trying them out.

Din - Great Tradition (1983)
This one has been on my radar for a while and I finally bought it on eBay. There are no keyboards or synths so I am expecting something quite organic. The album is on Rocshire Records which is an interesting story in itself.

Twenty Twenty - Self Titled (1985)
I found this in a dollar bin and it had some great 80's sounding titles plus lots of Linn drums and keyboards listed. I'm expecting a typical 80's sound although it looks like its on a small label from Nashville so it might not be much.

The Brandos - Honor Among Thieves (1987)

I read a positive review of this album when I was looking for info on another band called The Breaks. Found it for a couple of bucks right after that during a flying visit to The Great Escape Superstore in Nashville. 

David Lasley - Raindance (1984)
This one is a summary of my sometimes obsessive nature. I was flipping through some 99c records and I saw this one and thought, "What an odd looking guy". I ignored it and carried on browsing. However, I often go on the internet after the fact and look up albums that caught my eye just in case I might have missed something. And for a week, I couldn't find it. I could not remember the name or the title, and lots of searches failed to turn it up. So my choice was either to forget about it or make a point of looking for it if I had a chance to go back. It's the first time I had "Funny face 99c guy?" written down on a record list! Once I found it I figured it had intrigued me so much it deserved some attention.

The Effect - American Design (1982)
Another eBay purchase, this is an EP released on a private label by a male/female duo and I liked the look of it. Plus, it seems quite obscure.

Wotzat - Self Titled (1984)
I've owned this one for a few years now but for some reason I had never dug it out. It's an obscure release by a trio on a private label in England. It was mentioned at the New Wave Outpost so when I saw a signed copy on eBay I went for it..

Leap of Faith - Self Titled (1985)
I don't know anything about this New York four piece but it was cheap and from my favorite music year so I figured I would take a chance. On another obscure private label.

Fabulous Poodles - Mirror Stars (1978)
A bit older than the records I usually buy, but it was cheap and came in delightful pink vinyl. I got it at the same time as a couple of others on the list so it made the trip by default really.

The Flaming Hands - Self Titled (1984)
A fairly well documented Aussie band. I liked the cover and from what I read figured I would like this.

I imagine a mixtape will be taking shape fairly soon.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Mechanical Man - Say The Word

7" Single, released in 1986