Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Random 80's Wednesday

Part one of the great Bandcamp / Sideroom Singles linkfest:

Pel Mel - No Word From China
Pop Mechanix - Jumping Out A Window
Stephen Cummings - Speak With Frankness
Tactics - Coming In On My Coat Tails
Seven Ballerinas - Sometimes I Feel
Look Blue Go Purple - Cactus Cat

Bandcamp Down Under

I've been getting a lot of downloads of my Camras In Paris single which is good, after focusing mostly on UK and US bands over the last few years I've finally gotten around to buying a few Aussie singles and so this month I've decided to try and highlight a few good bands I've come across.

To help with this endeavor (finding Australian pop/new wave music is like looking for US made TVs in China I've decided) I have combined two of my music sources, the excellent Aussie blog - currently on hiatus perhaps - Side Room Singles which I'm sure I've mentioned before, and my current music download site of choice, Bandcamp.

If you've looked at Bandcamp at all you might notice that it's freakily difficult to find specific things unless you have the exact name. I found a private new wave release on there a few years ago, forgot to wishlist it, and could never find it again. This is because the description/search tags are provided by the artists themselves and you can only search one at a time. So I can look up "new wave", or "80's" or even "80's new wave" but I can't combine the tags to look for both together. The work around is to use multiple tags in a Google search. It also doesn't help that the release date might be the original release date or the date it became available on Bandcamp so sometimes putting in a year itself doesn't help. 

Anyways, my point is there is a lot of music on the site if you dig around for it, so I will be posting a bunch of links throughout the month. My username on there is fiftypercent so you can check out what I have wishlisted or have in my collection.

Side Room (Bruce Dale) has a great collection perhaps slightly more leaning towards the indie pop/twee area and going back further than I usually do, to the late 70's even. But I've been listening to the playlists in the car and found a lot of good stuff.

Send me any recommendations chaps!

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Camras In Paris - Visions Of You

7" Single, released in 1986

I don't know much about Camras In Paris, an Australian new wave band that released one single on Centre Records in 1986.