Friday, October 31, 2008

SSQ - Screaming In My Pillow (1983)

When I posted "Screaming In My Pillow" by SSQ last week, I was unaware that there was a promo video and that it was also a bit naughty. Apparently there was a VHS tape called Sexy Shorts released in 1984 that contained several uncensored music videos, including the SSQ promo and "Images of Heaven" by Peter Godwin, among others.

Check this out! [Embedding/link updated November 2011]

More Videos at ChordsCenter

If the embedding doesn't work, the direct link is here.

And, in case you missed it, I also posted the Peter Godwin video here.

And, seeing as it's Halloween and I'm posting naughty SSQ videos, I can't really avoid posting the clip of "Tonight We'll Make Love 'Til We Die" from the movie Return of the Living Dead.

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McDoC said...

Whoa, never seen this music video. Stacey was hot hot hot!!! Thanks man!