Thursday, August 27, 2009

English Evenings - After Dark (1985)

English Evenings - After Dark (1985)
  1. Tear You Down
  2. Touch
  3. I Will Return
  4. Shoot Shoot
  5. I Still Love You
  6. English Evenings
  7. Winter Feelings
  8. What's The Matter With Helen
  9. Keep It To Myself
  10. Circle Around Your Number

Lee Walsh (Vocals)
Graham Lee (Everything Else)


Anonymous said...

Wonderful album, one of my top 10 from the 80's. For some reason the link doesn't work for me though. :(

Thank you!!

I-FE said...

Thanks for this. I bought their singles at the time but never realised there was an album. Always meant to get it on eBay, etc.

McDoC said...

This is great stuff. I downloaded this last week but only got to listen to it today. THANKS fifty.

mineforlife said...

Welcome, McDoc