Friday, April 1, 2022

Bandcamp Friday

 Hey everyone

It's Bandcamp Friday so I just wanted to mention a couple of links. There are some great deals today with all profits going direct to the artists.

First, Handful of Snowdrops is offering their whole discography at 90% off which is a great deal. Fantastic music ranging from demos in 1984 to contemporary releases in the last few years such as Noir and Blanc, and also a remastered version of their classic 90's album Land of the Damned.

Next is a new find for me, Tenek which has some thumping tracks. I looked them up based on an old 1990 press release for a compilation.

Brian from Color Theory is always worth a listen and this is a new release.

And finally today is a great day to support my label, Base Ten Records.

Much love,


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