Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Random 80's Wednesday

Been a bit busy lately, partly due to my obsession with the Star Wars Card Trader app. Here's a few random tracks from my USB drive.

The Lucy Show - Wipe Out (from Undone, 1985)

Beyond Words - On The Moon (from Beyond Words, 1986)

In Pursuit - No Way Out (from City Without A Subway, 1986)

Techniques Berlin - Scarlet Woman (not sure if it was released but it was recorded circa 1985-1986)

To Heaven A Jet - Airfields (7" Single, 1981)

I should have some new rips up shortly. In the meantime, subscribe to my spotify playlist to keep up with new stuff as I find it available.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi from England. I enjoy the mix of music, thanks. How about an "Eric Random 80's Wednesday" ? A most interesting 80's (and beyond) musician well worth looking into..
cheers, Arthur