Sunday, December 31, 2017

Reckless Sleepers - One More New Year's Eve

A very rare b-side track I found on the flip of a promo single "This Heart" dating from 1988 which I don't think was ever released commercially.

Reckless Sleepers - One More New Year's Eve

By the way, isn't it time someone reissued Big Boss Sounds? A very underrated album in my opinion.

Happy New Year everyone!

[Update] I was pretty sure I had previously posted the only other non-album Reckless Sleepers B-Side previously, but no I had not - just mentioning it on the New Wave Outpost forum one time. So here's the B-Side to the only single released by the band, "If We Never Meet Again".

Reckless Sleepers - When You Get That Look

And here's their Christmas track, seeing as it's the holiday season.

Reckless Sleepers - Every Day Will Be Like A Holiday

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KeithC said...

Thx for these. I haven't come across many RS singles. Great album though; everything Jules puts out is pretty darn good. There are a few copies of the RS CD in my local used shop for CAD$10 (?).

Still waiting for Amazon to ship me Jules's new CD.